• Lilli Gust: Humble, Christian Business Leader, Joyful Giver.

    Lilli Gust smilingLilli Gust's belief in the importance of a Christian education started early. When her family moved to Milwaukee from Germany in 1952, they chose to settle about a block from St. Marcus Lutheran where they became members and where Lilli attended school.

    A graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran High School, Lilli wishes Wisconsin Lutheran College would have existed when she was of college age. Today she supports the college because she feels compelled to; it comes from the heart. "I like giving a gift while I am living. I experience joy when I give, because I get to see good things happen. And I can make a difference with my gift."

    Why is a Christian college like WLC important to the community? Lilli, who is a business leader in Milwaukee, says, "The first thing that comes to mind is the servant leader attitude that is part of WLC. That is so important as WLC's graduates go into the world. They do not just have a career; with their Christian background, they are asking how they might help you."

    When asked about supporting charities in a challenging economy, Lilli suggests that people continue to support, but on a smaller scale if necessary. "Being generous doesn't just have to be doing big things-little things count too. In my life I have found that I cannot outgive God. Right now foundations are cutting back to protect their nest eggs. Unfortunately, just at the time when charitable organizations need it the most, foundations are cutting back. So continue to give!"

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