• Influencing Lives

    Jeff and Yvonne QuintWanting to leave a lasting impact on young Christians, Jeff and Yvonne Quint have established a planned gift to endow a scholarship after they are called home to heaven. The Lt. Susan P. Bradley Nursing Annual Scholarship is named in honor of Yvonne's sister, who served in the Navy.

    If you were 18 again, what would you tell yourself, or what would you change?

    "I'd go to WLC! I can't imagine how different my life would've been if I had been blessed to have my entire educational experience in parochial schools," answers Jeff Quint.

    Seventeen years ago, Jeff and Yvonne Quint moved from California to Wisconsin for a change – and change is what they got! From the culture, to the climate, to the community, to their faith life, the Quints loved Wisconsin. With no prior knowledge of Wisconsin Lutheran College, Jeff and Yvonne began attending the Guest Artist Series at the WLC Center for Arts and Performance. They quickly noticed the compassionate and top-notch students they met while on campus.

    Later, Yvonne became involved with the Christian Women's Leadership Circle at WLC (she now serves as president), which led her to spend even more time on campus. The Quints knew WLC was a place they wanted to support.

    Yvonne recognizes the future impact of their planned gift: "We want to use the resources God has given us to support young people in a Christian environment. The world needs a lot of Christian leaders. There is such a strong emphasis on Christian servant leadership at WLC, and that is what attracts us to the college."

    Planning one's estate is not something you think about every day. It takes time and effort, but once you've done it, you can have the peace of mind that your wishes will be fulfilled. Yvonne states, "Our hope and prayer is that we can help these young Christians gain a firm foundation to carry forward for the rest of their lives."

    Like the Quints, you can share your legacy with a planned gift to Wisconsin Lutheran College. Contact Richard Mannisto '94 at 414.443.8788 or richard.mannisto@wlc.edu today to learn more.

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