• 25 Years and Counting...

    Michael and Kara Krahn with children

    Michael and Kara Krahn hope their support of WLC rubs off on their children: Christopher, Emily, Alicia and Olivia.

    A quarter-century is a long time, whether you're talking about the pro athlete who plays his entire career with the same team, time spent living at the same address or one's tenure as a company employee. When referring to the number of years a donor has been consecutively giving to an organization, 25 is phenomenal!

    Meet Michael Krahn, a 1979 graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran College. He came to WLC because he wanted to invest in a "new venture" and get a Christian college education all in one place. Michael remembers being in a class of 15 students and making lifelong friends such as Steve Zambo '81 and Mark Gaub '79.

    Although much has changed on WLC's campus since the late '70s, Michael is convinced the mission of WLC has not.

    "I support my alma mater on a regular basis because I strongly believe in Christian education at all levels," Michael says. "WLC is the type of school which has the ability to affect many students from different walks in life. They, in turn, will impact countless people as they live as Christian servant leaders for their families, churches, workplaces and, ultimately, the world."

    "Our culture is so focused on materialism and less on religion and Christian education. If more in the Christian community- especially our alumni-are not on board supporting Christian education, our schools will not be producing sufficient servant leaders to carry out the Great Commission."

    It is very evident to Michael and his wife, Kara, parents of Christopher, Emily, Alicia and Olivia, that Christian parents have the responsibility to be role models for their children. They are hopeful their attitudes and actions in support of Christian education rub off on their offspring. (Michael personally hopes his college choice influences his children!)

    Michael and Kara will continue to support WLC with a planned gift that includes them as members of the Ella Post Legacy Society.

    Thank you Michael and Kara for 25 years of generosity!

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