• Bequest Language

    Many people have good intentions about providing for Wisconsin Lutheran College, but they do not always follow through with their plans. Perhaps you have been considering a gift to us, but your cash flow prevents an outright gift.

    When considering the various deferred gifts discussed on this site, please keep in mind that one of the simplest ways for you to make a future contribution to us is through your will.


    To expedite your good intentions, here is a recommended clause for making an outright unrestricted bequest to Wisconsin Lutheran College:

    I give to Wisconsin Lutheran College the sum of $______ (or _____ percent of the remainder of my estate) be used either:
    ❏ where most needed
    ❏ for the ______ program."


    You also may wish to include the Christian Preamble in your will:

    I commit myself to God's care, secure in His love for me and trusting in the salvation purchased for me through Christ's suffering and death. I leave those who survive me the comfort of knowing that I have died this faith and have now joined my Lord in glory.

    I commend my loved ones to the protecting arms of God, knowing He will continue to provide for them despite my absence, and I encourage them to place their faith and trust in Him alone.

    If you make annual gifts to us and would like to continue your support even after your lifetime, you can arrange an endowed gift through your will. This will ensure that your gift will continue into perpetuity.

    If you are planning to make WLC one of your beneficiaries, we encourage you to tell us now. That way, we can help you experience the joy of giving today.

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